Thursday, June 28, 2007

Victory Cigar for Me, Hall of Shame of Kennedy, et al

I'm Celebrating the Senate voting down that horrific immigration bill--you know, the one that would have granted amnesty to 20 million Mexican trespassers who don't give a rip about our laws? Right now, I'm lighting up a Camacho Coyolar.

I must confess, I just loved seeing Kennedy stand there ticked beyond belief that the American people would actually stand up to him!

Oh, and don't get me started on the pathetic Sam Brownback. He voted for cloture before he voted against it--all in the course of a few short minutes. Not even John Kerry could pull that off. Buddy, you are not presidential material. Get out now before you make a complete fool of yourself. I'd hate to have to depend on your decisive leadership in a crisis.

Finally, here's an idea for the rest of the wannabe GOP candidates for prez. If you'll say what follows and mean it, you can't lose. You jst can't! The location for the soundbite is El Paso TX, overlooking the Rio Grande:

"My fellow Americans, if you elect me President, I will refuse to sign ANY bill that comes my way until the funds already allocated for border security are released and construction resumes on the 800 mile fence. If those idiots in Congress try and stop the funding for the fence, I will stop everyone of their precious little spending bills dead in their tracks. My first priority is to defend the American people against security threats, and that starts with tightening our own borders. How the Hell are we supposed to keep Al-Qaeda out of Iraq when we can't keep trespassers out of Texas? As for Senator Kennedy, I have a special message for him. Teddy, if you want peace in the Senate, get down here and help build this wall."

If you think Congress has low approval ratings now, wait till a Presidential aspirant with balls drops that soundbite on them.

Hint: That aspirant won't be Hillary for obvious reasons.

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