Monday, June 25, 2007

How to Cope When Your Daughter Says "I Do"

Hopefully, I won't need to ask that question for at least 15 years. Nevertheless, I found a site to help me prepare. To quote Ken York, you must "learn what your roles and responsibilities are, and how to keep from looking like an ass." FYI, he spent over $60,000 doing it!

Here's his description of the wedding festivities:

"We had 60 guests for the five days. The villas were perfect and came with their own staff (18 in total). All of the staff were super attentive and made our stay extraordinary. During the wedding itself, there was one staff member who would pop up at my side with a fresh drink any time that my glass got down to the bottom third. It was an unbelievable time. In total we spent about $60,000 for the villas, hotels, food and drinks for five days for everyone. That also includes about a half dozen airline tickets from the states to Puerto Vallarta and back to include two first class tickets for my wife and myself. If you are doing this treat yourself first class. It helps to be pampered going and coming. My wife had enough stress without trying to fit into the back of the airplane with a wedding dress."

The wedding, I suspect, was not the only joy Ken experienced. In a candid moment, he writes,

"Everything was ours for the week. Also, since I am a cigar smoker, I could smoke cigars to my heart’s content with no evil looks from anyone."

Ah, the truth comes out...

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