Friday, June 15, 2007

California Smoking Nazis

The smoking nazis in California are at it again. First Calabasas, then Santa Monica, then Burbank. Recently, the Beverly Hills City Council voted "to ban smoking in nearly all outdoor dining areas within the city limits." And now, Belmont is considering instituting the nation's toughest smoking ban. The dominoes keep falling.

And no, they're not just going after smoking outside of a restaurant on the patio anymore. They're going to ban smoking inside your very own residence. Soon it will be a felony to be in possession of cigars. If you're caught harboring a humidor in your home? Three life sentences.

C'mon Arnold. Conservatives like me haven't been real thrilled with our "Republican" governor but a little help in protecting our civil liberties from liberal encroachment will go a long way toward keeping our support.

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