Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Por Larranaga

I love receiving cigars as a gift. My wife knows this but typically does not know which sticks to buy me. This past weekend, on a recommendation from the guy at our local smoke shop, she bought me three of these cigars (the toros) for my birthday. I love that woman.

If you've never tried this stick, you owe it to yourself to get one soon. The smoke shop guy told my wife they just can't keep these in stock. After smoking the first one I can see why. The flavor is rich and robust, complex but not overpowering. So dang flavorful. My description won't do this stick justice--you've just got to try it.

These sticks have found a permanent place in my rotation. Indeed, I may have found a new favorite cigar...


Eugene D. Gibson said...

I jst started smoking cigars and have the good fortune or bad fortune of living in a country which doesnt have trade embargo with Cuba don't which to offend you if you feel strongly about that but must say never knew cigar smoke good be so relaxing,calming and such an enjoying event.Keep posting.

Betty Ford said...

slight discount from retail on box orders

Are you and Ralph theists?

Arthur said...

Betty Ford,

Thanks for the link. JR is one of my favorite places to shop for cigars online.

And yes, Ralph and I are most certainly theists.