Saturday, May 5, 2007

Camacho Coyolar

I bought five of these smokes at Demuth's Tabacco Shop in Lancaster, PA.--the oldest smoke shop in the U.S. dating back to 1770. You really should visit this place. The shop is still in the original building where the company started and they haven't remodled since 1917. In a state that's sadly trending liberal democrat, it's nice to see one last refuge of smoking freedom.

Last Monday morning I lit up the first Camacho Coyolar, and what a stick it was! The wrapper is dark and the size is just shy of 6 inches long by 54 round. The flavor is very strong, but if you draw long and easy, the taste is incredible all the way down to the label. If you draw too heavy, the taste will overwhelm you.

Warning: The Camacho Coyolar is not a quick hit cigar. (For something quicker, try the very good and inexpensive Savoy torpedo.) Leave lots of time to enjoy it. To fully enjoy my smoke, I went up to Arbor Springs Plantation (the club house bar and grill, to be exact) and sat down on the outside deck overlooking the 10th hole. For drink, I ordered a tall Corona Extra and stayed put for over two hours. Even then, I had to finish the smoke at home that afternoon. Any attempt to speed things up resulted in too strong a taste. The best advice I can give is to go slow.

It's worth the wait. My server, Nathan, was blown away by the aroma and was itching for a hit.

Cost: $6.00 to 6.75 per stick.

Note: This was my first real day off after a grueling month of heavy travel, so I deliberately did not engage in any serious thinking while puffing away. I'll save the serious reflections for the next stick.

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