Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's Smokin

My stash of stogies won't compete with Rush Limbaugh's (either in quality or quantity), but my 50 count humidor is filling up nonetheless. With the exception of the Camacho Coyolars, these are not black-tie cigars, but they are great for the golf course and relatively inexspensive.

Here's what's currently inside:

Camacho Coyolar (6x54) maduro--8
St. Louis Rey (6x54) maduro--4
La Unica 200 (7x49) maduro--5
La Unica 200 (7x49) natural--2
La Unica 100 (8x52) maduro--1
Da Vinci (7x48) maduro--5
Trilogy (7x52) maduro--1
Non-labled Dominican torpedo (7x54) maduro--8
Savoy Torpedo (5x50) natural--4
Punch (6x54) maduro--1
Las Cabrillas (7x48) maduro--3
Las Cabrillas (7x48) natural--1

Next year I plan to start a seperate humidor just for super-primos.

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